Al Ajal Copper-Gold Project

Al Ajal Exploration License

The Project is being operated by Al Hadeetha Resources LLC (AHRL) which is a joint venture between Alara Oman Operations Pty Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of Alara Resources Ltd), Al Hadeetha Investments LLC, and Al Tasnim Infrastructure LLC. 

The Al Ajal Prospect is located near the village of Al Ajal in the Taww area, near the northern coast of the Sultanate of Oman and about 65km west of Muscat. 

Alara carried out ground geophysical surveys over limited areas to confirm the geophysical signatures of mineralisation from historical (non-JORC compliant) mineral estimates in the Al Ajal License Area (see next figure).

Al Ajal Copper & Gold

Preliminary exploration by Alara confirmed the presence of two of potential positivity in similar geological trends. The Al Ajal prospect is unique, as it is considered to be the only known mineral occurrence in Oman Mountains not to be associated with the ophiolite volcanics of Oman. Despite its small size and difficult terrain, in view of the high gold grades detected by previous explorers, this prospect warrants further exploration for copper and gold-bearing deposits.

A mining license application at Al Ajal submitted in 2013 has progressed through various Ministries in Oman. AHRL considers the grant of a mining license clearance as a key prerequisite to further exploration work in the area.