About Alara Resources

Alara Resources (ASX: AUQ) is an Australia-based mining and exploration company with operations currently focused in the Middle East.

Alara’s flagship mining project is the Al Wash-hi – Majaza Copper-Gold Project in Oman (the Al Wash-hi – Majaza Mine). The Al Wash-hi – Majaza Mine is owned and operated by Al Hadeetha Resources LLC, a JV in which Alara holds a 51% stake. The Al Wash-hi – Majaza Mine includes a 1 MTPA1 copper concentrate plant, a game-changing venture in the region.

Alara also continues to pursue exploration opportunities across Oman and Saudi Arabia for copper and other metals including zinc, silver and gold.

Alara offers an exciting opportunity for its investors to be part of the new world of sustainability and climate-conscious economic growth.

1 Alara’s ASX Announcements dated 1 April 2016 (Definitive Feasibility Study Results initial announcement), 24 January 2017 (Definitive Feasibility Study update), 28 June 2018 (Project Net Present Value update) and 29 March and 7 April 2021 (Project Net Present Value NPV update) contain the information required by ASX Listing Rule 5.16 regarding the stated production target. All material assumptions underpinning the production target as announced on those dates continue to apply and have not materially changed, except to the extent that a relevant assumption in an earlier announcement referred to above has been updated by an assumption in a later announcement referred to.